Around the 1890’s, the Catholic Church began a mission in Lumberton. It was one of many small towns in Northern New Mexico that began to build Catholic community. Fr. Antonio Jouvenzeau ministered to the missions from Parkview to Farmington. In 1910 the Franciscan Fathers took over all the missions in the area. Around 1915 the Fathers built the first school house. The two-story structure housed grades 1-8. By 1920 the school was staffed by Franciscan sisters. Currently, it is run as a non-profit organization by volunteers. We hope soon to be a diocesan school though in the coming year. The population of the school and enrollment has changed very little over the years. Enrollment fluctuates between 75 – 125 students.

St. Francis is a unique and special place of learning located in Lumberton, New Mexico. Our school was founded over 95 years ago by the Franciscan Order to serve the local Jicarilla Apache and Hispanic communities. The school’s location in a beautiful and remote area in the mountains of northern New Mexico, 5 miles from the Colorado border, and 3 miles from the Jicarilla Apache Indian Reservation gives its student body a diverse and special quality. Our goal is to provide each student a quality education that will prepare them for a fruitful life in partnership with their home, parish, and community. We do this by providing sound academic and spiritual instruction for kindergarten through eighth grades. St. Francis School will prepare students for future endeavors by nurturing their relationship with Jesus Christ and instilling in them a sense of self-worth, responsibility, and leadership. Our dedicated staff will maintain high academic standard in a safe and proactive learning environment.