At this time, due to COVID-19, all athletic events have been suspended until further notice. It has always been our goal to provide a safe and healthy environment for our students to participate and excel in athletic activities. We will resume athletic activities as soon as state and diocesan officials feel it is safe.

St. Francis sports program is designed to provide a safe environment for our student-athletes to thrive and have fun!

We will promote the spiritual, academic, and physical welfare of our students,  as well as good sportsmanship and fair play through all activities.

The goal of sports at St. Francis is to teach the values of our faith and the gospel of Jesus Christ through active participation. In order to accomplish this, we encourage all students to participate in one of the sports offered.

Boys Basketball

Student Athletes who participate in boys basketball will learn team building skills along with building a better work ethic. St. Francis basketball is dedicated to providing the best opportunity to have your athlete strive and prepare them for the next level of scholastic sports. We give the best opportunity to every level of entry into our program. Our goal is to improve the understanding of the game, conditioning for better growth, and help bring out the best potential in our athletes.

Girls Basketball

Lady Falcons Basketball is for those special individuals willing to put in the work to improve their skills and conditioning. The Lady Falcons are coming off a winning season and are looking to repeat last years success. The coaching staff increased the fundamentals of the game and made players aware of team organization. St. Francis ladies at any skill level will actively participate in the growth of the program. Allow your athlete the opportunity to succeed through scholastic sports.  

Track & Field

It takes dedication for athletes who participate in Track and Field. St. Francis Falcons has a nest of talent waiting for the season. Track requires the resolve to overcome many obstacles. The Falcons are willing to help them succeed in the events they choose but also give them guidance for the best opportunity. Student athletes willing to move up to the next level must hit the starting line running. St. Francis track will allow them to do so.
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