Parent Participation Credits are available to all parents of St. Francis Students. Parents who volunteer to help the school in various ways, such as helping with events and functions, helping with concessions, and helping in the school office will earn 20 credits per hour towards their Parent Participation. Each family is required to complete 300 Parent Particpation Credits per shool year and St. Francis has many opportunities for parents to fulfill their requirements. 

We understand that Parent Particpation can be difficult to fit into an already busy schedule but volunteering gives you as parents an opportunity to be more involved in the school as well as the activities your child(ren) participate in. Volunteering not only helps the school, but it helps create stronger communication and relationships between the school and parent. It also benefits the children involved socially, academically, and emotionally when parents volunteer. 

Just remember, everyone has something to offer, and only when we work together do we deliver the greatest impact for our children. The adage “It takes a village” rings true as it speaks to all of us working together to create and maintain a positive and nurturing school environment for the entire student body. The closer we work together, the stronger the foundation for our children’s futures. 

Below is a list of ways you can volunteer and receive Parent Participation Credits:

  • Volunteer to help with field trips
  • Volunteer to help with fundraisers
  • Volunteer to help with cleaning/landscaping
  • Volunteer to help in the office
  • Volunteer to help in the classroom
  • Volunteer to help with the Athletic Program
  • Volunteer to help our Breakfast/Lunch Program

This is not a comprehensive list and if you would like to serve in a different capacity, please let us know.

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