At St. Francis of Assisi, we believe that children are to grow in four areas: Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Socially (Luke 2:41-52).



 It has and continues to be the primary goal of St. Francis to share the gospel message and the love of Christ to all. However, not all families and students are Catholic. Regardless of a family’s or student’s personal beliefs, we do teach morality, ethics, and values that are expressed in scripture. Each student is required to attend our regular Monday morning Mass as well as attend our in-school religious studies classes. These classes encourage our students to understand their own beliefs and spiritual identity while being taught to respect and appreciate the beliefs of others.

 We welcome all faiths and backgrounds and encourage respectful conversations amongst our students regarding various beliefs. Our overall goal is to teach our children to love others as Christ loves us and to be compassionate and understanding while living a life of integrity.



 We offer multiple opportunities for our students to be active throughout their school day. We also provide nutritious meals and snacks for each student that aids their growth and stamina. Each student is allowed to participate in recess, which either takes place on our newly remodeled playground or our gymnasium. Many of our teachers like to take walks with their class around the school grounds as a way for our students to get some fresh air and additional exercise.

 Our students are also encouraged to participate in our athletic programs. We currently offer girls and boys basketball for all age grades and track. No child is dismissed or turned away from participating in any athletic team. We believe that athletics is an additional way for a child to learn character and teamwork.

 All of our meals are freshly prepared each day for our students. They are provided healthy meals with quality ingredients. Our parents are also encouraged to join our students for meals. If you would like to join your child for lunch or snack time, please visit our School Breakfast & Lunch page for times and pricing information.



We understand that children learn in many ways at different speeds. Each student as St. Francis is assessed and this knowledge allows our teachers to work with them on their level. Our incredible teacher/student ratio allows individual attention for each student so they can succeed in each subject. Our teachers are also available after school to help with homework or to go over any information the student may not understand.

 It is not our goal to produce students who only make straight “As”. It is our goal to help each student achieve their personal best and celebrate who they are and their accomplishments.



 We encourage socialization amongst our students and provide many opportunities for them to interact. We also encourage community socialization and provide activities such as school plays and events for students to interact with community members who support our school. Our parents are encouraged to engage with our students and throughout the year we provide opportunities for them to volunteer in the school and outside of school.

 Our students are taught to be respectful of each other, regardless of age, and to adhere to our no-bullying policy in their interaction with each other. We have found that our students thrive socially in our school and our students enjoy being around each other.

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