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Madeline Lyon

Madeline Lyon


Letter from our Principal

Join us to help empower young people by opening the door of faith through teaching! St. Francis of Assisi school needs volunteer teachers and teacher aides for the 2020-2021 school year. We are a small K-8 Catholic school of approximately 80 students. Our population is predominantly Native American, the Jicarilla Apache Tribe in Dulce, NM. We are located 3 miles off the reservation in Lumberton, NM, east of Dulce, the center of tribal activity. We are looking for mission-minded people who will ignite the spirit among those who are underserved.

“The mission of St. Francis of Assisi School is to teach and live the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through family involvement in worship, education, evangelization, and service.” Volunteers need to be motivated by a spirit of mission; people who are sent, inspired by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the vocation offered by Christ: “Go forth and teach all nations” (Matthew 28:19).

St. Francis volunteers receive a monthly stipend, basic health insurance, community living, and breakfast and lunch with the students when school is in session. Our teachers live in community in new teacher housing, completed in May 2017. Each teacher has a private bedroom; other amenities are shared.

A four-year degree is required; a teaching credential is NOT required, nor must you be Catholic, though that is preferred.

Our school week is 4 days, Monday through Thursday. Fridays are for teacher collaboration, with a focus on professional development. Attendance on Fridays, eight to noon, is required. It is an opportunity to work with experienced teachers and to share ideas and strategies. There is time for individual lesson planning as well.

Lumberton is primarily a small ranching community in this beautiful high desert area. We are 50 miles south of Pagosa Springs, CO, home of the deepest hot springs known. Often, teachers visit Pagosa on weekends to soak and relax.

We also will be offering an AmeriCorps education award, pending receipt of the grant by the Sisters of Notre Dame. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer at St. Francis School, please contact me and I will send you an application.

A former volunteer teacher, Mr. Mark Irons, works at EWTN. He came back out and did a piece on the school. Here is the link for your viewing:
Native American Catholic Schools

Mr. Irons did a more recent interview during this crisis:
Native Americans at risk for coronavirus outbreak

Orientation begins August 1. Volunteers arrive a week or two ahead of time to acclimate to the area.

The first stipend is paid on the 30th of August. However, we are uncertain about our opening date due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to do so!


May God bless all you do!



Madeline Lyon


Teacher Housing

One of the benefits of being a volunteer teacher at St. Francis is our newly built teacher housing. One of our benefactors graciously donated this incredible facility to help our teachers feel more at home while serving at St. Francis. The housing contains a large, open common area which includes the living room, dining room, and kitchen. It is beautifully furnished and has state of the art appliance. Additionally, there is a game room and a laundry room which boasts 2 large capacity washers and 2 large capacity dryers to accommodate everyone, even in a full house. 10 bedrooms, 2 of which are handicapped accessible, that are joined by Jack and Jill bathrooms allow teachers to have their privacy when needed. WIFI is connected through the facility for the teachers’ enjoyment and convenience.

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